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The Timely Topic #3:

A link to Robert Knight's Washington Times piece, "Guilty of hate until proven leftist"

(not my writing, but I agree!)

New Feature for AD 2017:  The Timely Topic (periodic short essays, no fixed schedule; current events-oriented via a theological lens)

TTT #2 (as of 1/10) is immediately below

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The Timely Topic #2:
Transition and the Culture of Life

Each January in the nation’s capital, we witness the stirring spectacle of up to hundreds of thousands of dedicated Pro-Lifers, young and old, braving raw, bone-chilling weather to participate
in the official March For Life. This particular January, there is good reason to believe that we can begin in earnest a nationwide march, the sustained march back to a sane culture of LIFE. And not a moment too soon. So the two parts of TTT #2 are: 1.) The Trump administration that’s coming into power with Republican majorities all around; and, 2.) What that should mean with regard to a return to pre-Roe v. Wade days, where the “culture of life” didn’t even have to be identified as such,
because it was just common sense morality.

But first, let me “throw some shade” my own way. It would seem that I threw in the towel back there in October, when I wrote “U.S. Undone” and the “Afterword” I tacked on after the last essay for 2016, “Zeal.”  See my actual words on pages 265-266
of the Trutholio 2016 Essays book (PDF). [you can download it from the Vending Machine below, on this Home page, in the event that you didn’t keep it on hand because you just knew I had to be wrong, and your Ha-Ha! time was absolutely gonna come!] Good news, pilers-on, because right here is all the cannon fodder you need, in the form of excerpts from my “resigned to judgment” gloom-and-doom scenario. I even
used that word: “doom.”

“By early October, what I was observing in the disgusting political world — especially when added to what I’d observed for at least the eight previous years — led me to a nearly unavoidable conclusion: America has entered into God’s Judg- ment. We’ve gone way too far out of His will, and we’re now going the way of all once-powerful and influential nation-states: authors of our own doom.” [<<< See? What did I just say?]

More of what I wrote in October, 2016:

“When that realization supplanted my nagging suspicions, I saw no point in continuing to fight for a lost cause and wrapped up the essays. Because if Almighty God has decided that, like the First-Century Jews, we Twenty-First-Century Americans have filled up our cup of justly-deserved wrath, then His wrath will come upon us. Now.”

And, finally...
“We’re just beginning to see how much this nation needs God. Selfishly, I’ll reiterate: I’m thankful for 60+ years of life in America under God, and I’m SO glad that I won’t live most of my life under the boot of oppressors, as will the members of generations just coming into the picture recently, and from here on out. It may very well be that my freedom will be taken from me by The State, if not my life itself. Because Statists demand allegiance as gods, and they’re not going to get that from me.”

Well, that’s where I left things in 2016, in terms of the Essays part of Trutholio-World. All looked dark, and I didn’t see where we were entitled — at any rate — to any real hope.

That’s where I left things, that is, except for three more words: Soli Deo Gloria! In English, “To God alone be the glory.” That was both a reference to the statement that preceded the phrase, “...Statists demand allegiance as gods, and they’re not going to get that from me” — where “allegiance” and “glory” (or honor/homage, if you prefer) are synonymous in the context of this discussion — and to the fact that I firmly believe that God
will do whatever gives glory to Himself, be it in an act of judgment, OR in an act of grace. So what I was trying to say was simply, “I don’t know what God intends to do with America at this time. It sure looks to me like the hammer is overdue, and
coming down on us as we speak. And who could blame God if His patience finally ran out? BUT...whatever He’s decided to do, Soli Deo Gloria!

At this point, I’d like to think that I’ve thrown a bone to all of the Trump-Trekkies, the “I-told-you-so” victory-dancers, just by reminding any half-interested party just exactly what I said, and
where I went “wrong.” But here’s the other shoe: we won’t have any tangible evidence of our nation’s actual direction under a President Trump until at least several months down the road. Right now, we know nothing about that. There is reason for hope. Thank Almighty God that He didn’t see fit to bestow a second Clinton administration upon us — “Massive relief!” is the way I put it — but does any of this mean that we’re out of the woods and on our way back home? God knows; we don’t.

Well, rather than go back and forth on this, seeing in turn, “doom, after all, only delayed” and “God just may be using political figures as instruments for good change at this time” as the alternative takes on what’s in store, let’s think optimistically,
building on what we do know about God, who is good, holy, just AND merciful, THE Source of Life.

Okay, I’ve provided the first clue that definitely points in the direction of a God who is still determined to shed more of His grace on America. GOD is the ultimate “Pro-Lifer.” He’s FOR life all the way. Without Him, there IS no life, period. WITH Him, there is abundant life (John 10:10), life that is lavished upon His beloved chosen ones, and through His giving up of His own life for them, countless people out of all tribes/nations/peoples
will live eternally (John 10:11 and Rev 5:9, 7:9). So the will of God — throughout eternity — is on the side of life, abundant life (true liberty to seek honest gain and prosperity, and the abiding joy of secured freedom have a lot to do with the abundant life!), and even unending life in the truly perfect
“world” of God’s holy Heaven. It stands to reason, then, that God wants to see a day-in, day-out culture of life to again prevail in America, as it had for so long, until the American Death Industry began to develop in the second and third decades of the 20th Century. Think: Sanger, the eugenicists, the “Progressives” and the ACLU, and all of the life-squashing, death-embracing movements that have grown out of that wicked, anti-God soil. In fact, I defy you to name a nation-destroying symptom-sin that wasn’t already manifesting itself in this land nearly a hundred years ago (feel free to include theft-by-government policies in that category; yes, I speak of Socialism).

The culture of death is, ironically, alive and well, and has reached an apex under one Barack Hussein Obama, who, at the very least, is clearly aligned with the ideologies of both communists and radical Islamists, the all-time champion merchants of death, abundant death, wall-to-wall death. When you consider for just a moment how obvious it is — just what these murderers live for — and how many millions join them in their gross sins of wanton destruction (or look the other way), the truth of Proverbs 8:36 is established as if set in cement: “All they that hate me [wisdom, and ultimately, God] love death.” Anti-God=anti-life. Pro-death=anti-God. Clear enough for you?

So what is sorely needed is a transition out of the culture of death and soul-oppression, and back into a culture that truly affirms life, from conception to natural death (and hopefully, on into an unending life of bliss). Under God, the Author of Life, there is security, liberty, and prosperity. But when the leaders of the people try to slip out from under God’s authority, or even
worse, actively oppose God’s will at every point — as we’ve certainly seen for the last 8 years — things go horribly wrong on all fronts; national and global security vaporizes, personal liberty is severely compromised, and economic disaster prevails. Try to do things your way in God’s universe, and you get failure; be sure of that.

So clue #2 that God just may be steering us back to Himself
is that under a President Trump, religious liberty — the innate, God-given right to acknowledge Him in all times and places — could be restored, and who’ll venture to say that that is not
God-pleasing? Taking both apparent trends together (towards life and liberty), I like what I see.

Only two things do I need to yet point out in this short piece. First, political means to an end — under God — do seem to be available at this opportune time. Principally, I’m referring to a Republican-majority Congress passing and enacting the
Life at Conception Act, which would effectively overturn that odious Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 that turned moral justice on its head. At that point, moral authority would be returned to the states and to the people. So through the 14th Amendment’s affirmation of the right to life for all persons (personhood is the key to the Life at Conception Act) , the 10th Amendment, Federalism (not to be confused with the federal government),  and our constitutional, representative republic would all be strengthened at a stroke. These are all possible political improvements, and they appear to be viable — though limited — solutions. But a final word of caution is in order, just the same. The key to a successful and enduring transition from death and spiritual chains to life and righteous liberty is getting back under God.



+ All plans proposed here are subject to the will of the LORD. "Man proposes, but God disposes."

"[Instead, you ought to say,] 'If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.'"--James 4:15

(similar OT verses:  Prov 16:9, 19:21)

+ While recognizing that anyone who trusts in the person and work of Jesus Christ alone is my brother or sister in Christ (saved by God's grace through faith, with good works necessarily following, Eph 2:8-10), I must take exception to any last-things teachings that do NOT honor Christ by taking His every word for unassailable truth (i.e., any futurist teaching, including so-called "partial-preterism").

In other words, when I recommend or link to (otherwise) good Reformed ("Calvinist") teachers, my "blanket" disclaimer is in effect:  "I agree with the general thrust of this teaching, but do NOT agree with the eschatological (last-things/end-times) stance expressed either here, or in another context." When you see on this and other pages the words, "Agreed, With A Reservation: Eschatology [AWARE]," read:  "Take in the good, solid food here, but spit out the bad last-things bones."

+ I am a staunch 6-day Creationist, 5-point Calvinist, and fully-convinced "full" (consistent) Preterist. I firmly believe in the truth of ONE human race (per Gen 1, Acts 17:26, Rom 5:12-21) and reject any notion of multiple races because I believe the holy Bible is God's absolute truth in written form: inerrant, infallible, and inspired (breathed out by the Holy Spirit -- 2 Tim 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:21).


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